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I Leave You to Your Decisions

Where will it all end? It already has.
Some focus heavily on the lawsuit, good for them, it is needed.

Some focus on warning others about the dangers of the kimkins diet, good for them, it also is needed.

Very few however see the big picture. There was a small group who saw it, but they are all gone now, driven away by naivete’ of the few who think “What you see is what you get”

The kimkins debacle is like a giant 10,000 piece puzzle, Heidi’s face takes up very few of those pieces. The puzzle is made up of her past and present as well as those that have helped her along the way to commit crimes against unsuspecting people. Her crimes are more numerous than what “this” group is able or willing to understand.

Those that have helped her, learned well from her and recruited others. Many more scams have been created because of her teachings.

Yet no one wants to face this fact or deal with it in any way. “My four and no more” is what I keep hearing.” Focus on Heidi’s “Kimmer” and the kimkins scam and nothing else!” they say.

What isn’t understood is that Heidi is spread out further than kimkins. Those (plural) who worked for her even after learning the truth are involved in new schemes.

No one wants to hear it much less allow others to voice their concern.

A blogger has a little fun, tries to shake things up and all the people with fingers in their ears and blinders on come out of the woodwork.

People cry “Shame!”, but the real shame is that allowing those schemes which are now in the shadows to remain so, will be the shame in the end.

Getting a refund or making Heidi pay monetary restitution is all that will be accomplished while she continues unchecked to draw more victims to her.

Christians are taught the principle of exponential conversion. You lead one to the Lord, they convert, they reach at least 64 more who touch the lives of 64 more each and so on. Maybe the numbers are different now, but the principle is the same.

There exists a counterfeit for all bible principles. The human life conversion principle works for all types of conversions, good or evil.

So Heidi purposely and inadvertently “converts” a life who converts 64 more etc.. We’ll never know or be able to do anything about 95% of those people, but there are plenty close by. Posting in their own blogs, websites and forums.

They help to make up more of the puzzle to paint a bigger picture that could do more to stop Heidi. Pieces of the puzzle that ARE important to stopping Heidi.

Heidi, the person, not just Kimmer, the persona.

But it seems that the dictators of the web have decided that only Kimmer will be dealt with and no further digging will be tolerated.

Every new Fact will be dealt with as an unnecessary distraction, an invasion into “innocent” people’s lives.( how innocent can a con artist be?)

The fact that these dictators are the same ones who actually believed Heidi and believed the After pictures Were her and believed that Brandon had no clue about what his mother was doing, seems to have no bearing on their apparent new authority and faith in their well established lack of sagacity.

Now there are those who blame HB for digging too deep, going too far, but it is those same people who refuse to dig at all or to go far enough to truly make a difference.

Last summer, I believed it was about stopping a con artist and her minions from reigning supreme (she thinks) and harming others with any of her schemes, now I see it is only about the bit of money and the lawsuit.

The choices were made and appears the majority have voted for the blindfold.

I am wearied in well doing……………

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Sadness Reigns

I’m finished